What does Casco mean?

The name Casco comes from a few things. First of all, our injection molding company is called Casco Bay Molding, so we thought it fitting that our cup be named the Casco Cup. In turn, Casco Bay Molding is named after beautiful Casco Bay, in Portland, Maine. There is also a town in the lakes region of Maine, called Casco and both of these places exemplify what the Casco Cup means to us and to women all over the world. From the ocean to the lakes and mountains, and everywhere in between, you can rely on Casco Cup to do its job while you live your life.

Our Mission

Menstrual cups have been on the market for years empowering women to make the healthier, eco-friendlier and more affordable choice over pads & tampons. Our mission is similar, its also a little different...

The Casco Cup mission is to provide:

  • Completely USA-made alternative to menstrual cups produced overseas with mystery materials.
  • Safe & trustworthy FDA-registered cups with full material traceability. Please take a look at our bio-compatibility certificates.
  • Factory direct cups, cutting out the middleman - pay less for better quality!
  • The Casco Case that takes the stigma out of menstrual cups and puts your cup on display.

Our Story

We are Casco Bay Molding, an ISO-certified silicone injection molding company located in Sanford, Maine. We started making menstrual cups when we were approached by multiple people/companies all over the world requesting quotes for USA-made menstrual cups. Since then, we have partnered with all of the companies below.

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